Apptricity University

What is Apptricity University? Apptricity University provides professional, instructor-led certification training with hands-on activities and real-world scenarios. Professional training involves much more than simply teaching initial end users how to use the screens at go-live. While that is certainly important and part of the process, Apptricity also provides classes and tools throughout implementation to increase understanding and reduce integration fatigue.

Who should attend training classes? Administrative classes are geared toward power users, key project/business decision makers, IT personnel and application administrators, focusing on the functional areas of the application from a support perspective and also how to customize the application to be flexible as the business changes. End user classes are geared toward general business leaders, trainers and end users, focusing on integrating the functionality into the user’s daily lives. Functional classes can be used for train-the-trainer or for rolling out the application to end users company-wide.

Customer Support

Personalized Support

In a world of voice recordings and endless online searches, Apptricity stands apart for its personalized and prompt support. Our customers rave about our service. It’s one of the reasons they continue to scale with Apptricity solutions – they appreciate the dedication we show toward their business.

Web and Mobile Application Support

If you are a Systems Administrator for Apptricity solutions and you need customer support for Apptricity Mobile for Expense Management or other mobile solutions, please contact us at or by phone at 800.693.2193, toll free. If you are a user of Apptricity software, please contact your company’s internal help desk or Systems Administrator for Apptricity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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